Arlo Pro Review- which will help to get buying decision.

Arlo pro review- we promise to give you the exact information that will help you as a buying guide. There are two camera of Netgear for home uses, one is Arlo pro and another is Arlo Q. Here is main difference between the two camera, Arlo pro is outdoor camera which is mainly use for outdoor of home and Arlo Q is indoor camera which is use mainly use for indoor of home.This is excellent for your home because it is supported all kind of weathers. Watch the video-

Arlo Pro Review- Details Feature

Arlo pro’s built in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery feature improved from Arlo Q, because Arlo Q’s batter keeps the charge for about two months and now Arlo pro can keep the charge for about six months from the necessary improvement of Arlo Q.

In this Arlo Pro Review, we see- This special outdoor product is very durable and long last charges give you the hassle free use with recharge facility. When you need to charge the battery then you simply remove the camera from its place and plug it for about two hours. Also you can use AC power of its mini USB port; otherwise you can use battery power.

Other improvement is wider angle motion detection technology and the built in 100+ dB alarm with loud siren. But it’s video quality 1,280 by 720p resolution which has 130 degree view on the field. It includes digital pan and zoom function. Its eight IR LEDs give you night version out to about 25 feet. It is completely wireless, weatherproof and easy to install product.

There are a speaker and microphone array which allow you two-way communication with sound detector. You could storage video in your local USB drive from its USB connection. Price is high from other camera, you can check price from AMAZON. And also you could need a base station hub which will connect to your router. As a home surveillance camera, it will be right choice for your home.

There are two buttons top of the camera which one the closet button use for syncing to the base station and another one for release the battery chamber. Wi-Fi range is up to 300 feet and communication speed with the base station is 802.11n Wi-Fi. Arlo pro needs AC power like other security cameras which is installing outside or anywhere as your wish.

Features- Let’s move to see the short feature at a glance-

  • 100% Wire-Free Device with free of power cords;
  • Totally weatherproof which you can place indoor or outdoor;
  • HD Video quality which will give you sharp and detailed video;
  • Rechargeable battery which is completely long lasting batteries;
  • Quick charging that will need only two hours for battery charging;
  • 2-way Audio speaker where you can listen in or talk back;
  • Loud siren which is 100+ decibel sirens;
  • Wide angle which has 130-degree angle lens;
  • Live Streaming where you can watch live or recorded;
  • Night Vision that give you sharp view even in the dark;
  • Local Backup where you can use USB storage for backup;
  • Smart Home that works with IFTTT, SmartThings, etc.

Configuration –

In this Arlo Pro Review- We see that it’s very easy to install the Arlo pro, if you have first one Arlo then download the app and create an account. Plug the Arlo pro with the base station and connect it to your router open port. When you see the green button of internet LEDs then add the device button at the down side of the home screen and select base station from the menu.

When it will recognize, just put a name and go onto the next screen to sync the camera with the station. Keep the camera within 3 feet range of the base station and push the Sync button on the camera. When you will see blinking the blue LED on the camera then the camera is connected. Do the same process for the other cameras which are install to the outside of backyard and other places.

The package for Arlo Q came with the following items:

When you will open the box then you will see one Wire-free HD camera with audio, one Rechargeable battery, one Camera power adapter, one Camera power cable, one Base station with a built in siren, one Ethernet cable, one Wall mount, one Wall mount screw set, one Quick start guide and one Window Decal.


You will need high speed internet connection (minimum 1 Mbps), available port on your router, power adapter and cable (included in box) to setup this device in your home.

Technical Details

The camera color is white and dimension is 2.8 x 1.9 x 3.1 inches. Item weight is 1.07 pounds and shipping weight is 3.2 pounds. Video capture resolution is 720p,


  • Wire-free feature facility;
  • Completely weatherproof and more durable;
  • It has excellent motion and sound detection;
  • Built-in alarm with loud siren on the base station;
  • Local USB storage facility;
  • Free cloud storage facility (7-day event).


  • Limited third party integration which is only with IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings;
  • The 720p video downside which is a problem for this product.


Arlo Pro Review- We try to find out the every point of this product which is very important for you before buy the product. If you want to buy this product then it will be great decision for you. Because one problem we could see the product that is video quality otherwise the product is the right security device for your house. You check the price from Amazon.