Smart Lock Review- Kwikset Smart Lock!!!.

Modern Generations can get best locks from Kwikset smart lock. I could not get any problem yet from installation to use a Kwikset Premis at my home. Because Kwikset has been making best locks for home security nowadays. Kwikset Premis has a touchpad deadbolt which is work with Apple HomeKit. Apple’s iOS device give the solution of smart-home control service. You could control and automate whole system using Apple’s Home app or iPhone’s Control Center. Kwikset Smart Lock works along with other HomeKit-Compatible gadgets. You can also lock and unlock using Siri voice commands.

You can download the free app. The app will help you, how to install, I mean, installation process and other processes. It is comparatively less expensive than other popular smart locks. There is no additional fee for multiple users. It is totally a great product for consumers.


Capacitive Touchscreen:

  • Capacitive Touchscreen technology is detected the human body when and where on a display the user touches. This technology is included in this product.

Motorized Deadbolt:

Secure Screen-

  • The active touchscreen is visible always. SecureScreen™ technology helps avoid fingerprint and code detection

Remote Locking-

  • If you are in upstairs or in your bed and you are forgotten to lock your door. Does not matter, Siri voice commands allows to lock and unlock the door remotely? Kwikset Premis iOS app and Third Generation or later Apple TV allows to control and monitor the lock status from anywhere. Apple allowed the end to end encryption to ensure security.

SmartKey Cylinder-

  • Featuring SmartKey and re-key technology, three easy steps lock itself in seconds. SmartKey cylinder technology is compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway.

BHMA Grade-

  • It is certified from BHMA (Building Hardware Manufacture Association). It follows BHMA standard when it manufactured.

Bump Proof-

  • Recently its get more attention of the market and it shows a problem with more and more revolting character. But this product gives 100% solution of this problem.

Master code-

  • If anybody uses incorrect codes than Alarm sounds after three ensuing incorrect codes are entered. Master Code system gives you the more security to unlock the door.

Tamper Resistant-

  • It is a tamper-resistant product which is resistance to tampering.

Anti-Tamper Screws-

  • Anti-tamper screws are used in this product.
  • Also, you observe lock activity, history, and status notifications when the lock is used. Access as need up to thirty customizable access codes. You can easily send, add, delete or disable your user codes. You could access schedule for certain times/days.


  • Very simple to install;
  • Apple’s allows home controls to good use;
  • Great features;
  • Siri’s voice controls the door using command of user;
  • Free app for user installation instruction and others like an outstanding job with user management.
  • Remote access;
  • It is adjustable to fit most standard door;
  • Comprehensive support center facility;
  • Lifetime warranty for mechanical and finish, one year for electronics warranty.


  • It could not work or control the lock from out of range of its Bluetooth radio. Unless you have the third generation Apple TV in your home.
  • The touchscreen is a little bit dull.

Best Price

The Kwikset Premis jobs well and achieves user management friendly. I strongly recommended for this Kwikset Premis because I took near about 72 hours to write the review, I read many related articles and watch the videos very carefully. And also purchased a Kwikset for my sweet home. It took me near about twenty-five minutes or so for installation with a screwdriver and one measuring tape. And also I connected a tiny cable and inserted 4AA batteries which were included the Kwikset Premis. It absolutely awesome smart lock for any dream house.

If you picked out a standard door in your smart home’s than the Kwikset Premis will match your door. You just purchase a Kwikset Premis and download the app for step by step walkthrough. Also, you can use a PDF guide for easy installation.

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