Logitech Harmony Companion Review- That should be helpful before buy!!!

Logitech Harmony Companion Review– Logitech is branded and famous company in the running market. Because it’s multiuse remote also use for home theater control. The product comes with nice button placement and strong keys act as your home control system with Philips Hue lighting and Nest thermostats. Harmony Companion is running as like it previous model and available color of black or white. It works very nice in a dark room. Price is expensive- you can check price from Amazon.

This wireless hub works magically in everywhere with dedicated app. Anyone can operate it very easily, even your five child can operate it easily. You could switch the TV and AV receiver with correct manner and selecting the Netflix app on Roku. You five year children does not do anything of that, they could just press on as single button and Netflix will appear on the screen. So, children can use it easily. If you want then you can buy from Amazon.



Logitech Harmony Companion Review– You can install it very simply. Just connect your remote to your internet-connected computer. Visit to setup.myharmony.com and download it for devices. Otherwise you can use the Harmony App to setup control for devices within few minutes to your smartphone or tablet. The remote and app are automatically synced up with the commands which will be worked in your all devices.


  • The Logitech Harmony Companion is a single universal remote system which will give you to control your total home theater using iPhone or Android phone or tablet, or the included simple remote, via the Harmony Hub.
  • Heavy lasting battery, it will last one year.
  • Harmony’s work, it has based buttons which will give you easy operation for functions like “Watch TV.”
  • This updated app gives easy initial setup which is much easier than past versions.
  • The remote is fully uncommon light and thin which will operate via RF, rather than IR. It means, you have no need to maintain line-of-sight to your devices.
  • Balanced with a large number of electrical devices.


  • The updated app is not synchronized to use;
  • It is not support for Z-Wave and ZigBee devices without an expensive Logitech extender;
  • There is no backlit on the remote;
  • Three dedicated working buttons which is support only six activities;
  • You could not compare it with a physical remote;
  • It will need to initial setup for an Android or iOS device.