Samsung digital door lock review: Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321

Samsung digital door lock review, product is samsung SHS 1321. Samsung is a well-known brand in the world from kerea. Everybody think of TV’s or other electronic devices when someone is talking about Samsung. They are aren’t associated with locks or home security from before when started their journey. Now they are with on smart door locks. For this reason, I was doubtful to write the Ezon Digital Door Lock, model SHS-3321 Universal Deadbolt but it is proved that Samsung is being a maker of quality locks.

You know, from beginning to now of writing this review, I’ve spent about 72 hours with it, I am capable to give you with a details Samsung door lock review that should give some important answers.


Full Slim & Compact Design!

It is double authentication mode with password. And RF card Blue LED awake indicator random security code feature to improve the security

Random Security Code System

Before pressed the password, you will be pressing two random numbers which prevent burglars from analyzing the fingerprint marks left.

Double lock facility

User can use double locking features of automatic and manually lock when going out. The double-locking feature outlined to keep doors locked even with the password and key tag confirmation. Particularly, this feature helps give to using alternative door openings.

Anti-theft Mode system

It has anti-theft mode which helps to simply pressing the security button before going out from home improves the security during an emergency. This mode will trigger an alarm sound when any attempt to forced entry or any repeated authentication failures.

Greater Safety

Security is guaranteed with high quality and innovating result of having crossed many tests including resisting high-voltage electric surges, pretended theft scenarios, and fire with impressive results. The security alarm will trigger and door unlock to manually open the lever when temperatures reach over 60 degrees Celsius.

Key Pad Volume Control system

The key pad volume control makes living more comfortable and luxurious if you are arriving home at late night or a baby is sleeping.

Bump-Proof system

Two thing assure you that it is a lock to be truly bump-proof, it have to one of two things no keyhole or a locking mechanism. It is a bump-proof product.

Easy Installation

A non-skill person could easily install the lock alone. The installation and programming videos or guide help you to complete the task lonely. Another thing is, if you’ve installed deadbolts before, this will not a big matter to you.

Burglar-Proof feature

One of relative who could make several attempts to break down the door lock but he was fail. It has maximum security features which provides you the burglar proof or tension free security.


Extremely cold temperatures weatherproof;
Has a fire-detecting sensor;
Used on residential or commercial doors;
Adjustable for inward and outward-swinging doors;
Automatically relocks;
Adjusts on standard sized doors;
It’s allow to use RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) card;
Access from app’s;
Warranty product.


Motor could be better for durability.


Door lock’s outline adds more luxury to the interior of the entrance area. Samsung digital door lock review, We use this deadbolt to our shop without any incident. We were capable to get this lock which working with a different door. I do like Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock that I like better than other products, reasons, they are so different from functionally and aesthetically. I could recommend to buy this product without any hesitation.

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