samsung shs-p718 manual : Samsung Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P718 review

Samsung shs-p718 manual or its review give you some truthiness, The technology has contributed human lives in many ways and shapes. Recently, technology has grabbed everything, from door lock beginning, technology is giving the solution of better or smart life. Before 2000 and after 2000, we could not think door lock technology will change with circuits. But today’s technology, truly gives us the best changing on door lock, which is show us that a door lock has more innovative than a computer or any other device within ten years.

Life is simpler than your think, nowadays you can open or close your door with a smartphone or with a fingerprint. Easily you can protect your house from any uncertainty. And it can receive your command from outside by an app’s.

There is nobody that could not know about Samsung. Samsung is a brand in the earth as a technologist. They have contribution on easier lives. Samsung is famous brand, innovative and gainer companies in the earth. This South-Korean company is also leading electronics company in the world and it’s not a hidden, if somebody doesn’t know what it is Samsung, you are now living with a rock.

Review of Samsung Door Lock SHS-P718

Samsung has started an end line of the smart door lock, and the SHS-P718 is most expensive and gorgeous product. But its design is just wonderful. For a smart home, it will be the perfect product. You can choice it

Product Specifications

Model number – SHS-P718

Weighs – 10.1 pounds

Dimensions – 17.7 x 4.7 x 12.6 inches

Digit – 4-12 digit number combination, capacity for 10 digits

Batteries – DC 6V (8x AA Alkaline batteries)

Storage – Capacity to storage up to 100 fingerprints

Method – Optical

Verification time – Less than a second

Features of Samsung Deadbolt SHS-P718

Fingerprint scanning system

You just put your finger on fingerprint scanner to unlock the door. This is unbreakable product and so more adaptable of using a fingerprint scanner. You can access it easily without any hassle and boring keys or hack able passwords.

Extra Security:

This is extra security able product, if someone are injured his or her finger than its double authentication give you extra protection of using. You can activate double authentication features for lock or unlock your door of using fingerprint and a password to protect uncertainty.

Manner Mode:

This silent mode give to better sleep of you and your family at night. Just you enable this feature which may be able to disable any noisy or sound coming from the smart lock. This is fully temporally blocks feature.

Anti-theft function:

Trigger will be alarm when any bugler try to enter from other way like windows, verandas and other door. For this, you should pressing the Home Shape button which will activate the mode or feature.


Easy to install

It’s totally stylish and futuristic design

It’s strong formatting that will not breakable

It has double authentication features with the fingerprint scanner and password

It’s security feature to protect you from uncertainty

Its quality assured from Samsung

Its innovative mechanism allow you to Pull and push easily.


It is expensive product

Disadvantage of smart features to use with a smartphone


Samsung has started this product which is not within budget. It’s very high price for its premium features. Samsung will be popular when it will come to giving a beautiful pieces of technologies and with supreme quality.

But another way, It’s a beautiful smart lock which has a double authentication system. That will give you a true security in your business or home with a large capacity for 100 fingerprints. You have to keep in mind- at first the innovating mechanism which allow you to Pull and Push but it can be difficult, hassling and unreal. But now it becomes a wonderful improvement over traditional systems.

However, it has more lacking like psychical functions seen in products of 1/3rd of its prices and also connectivity and support for smart phone of iOS and Android. It’s a product which targeted at exclusivity, security and aestheticism. May be, it’s failed to reach its goal.

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