Smart Lock Review- Ardwolf door lock review.

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Smart Lock Review- For security reason, door lock is very essential to any homeowner. Market are fill-up with huge smart lock but it is very difficult to take right one for your home. Ardwolf is a brand, one of the door lock product which you can choice for your sweet home.

From it various features, you could unlock your door three ways. So, you could not depend on only one way. You can use your fingerprint, a password or a code, or a mechanical key for backup to open your door. It is also build with advanced security features as like passage mode which allow your guests to open the door, random password protection and touch screen keypad.

Design and Feature

        Smart Lock Review            

  • Three different way, you can unlock your door.
  • Fingerprint system
  • Mechanical key
  • Support up to 100 users
  • Random password protection facility
  • It also support passage mode which allow you to unlock the door by pressing the door handle.
  • User data backup and record tracking allow you to face any uncertainty
  • Quality guarantee
  • Easy installation
  • It is suitable for left-handed and right handed door
  • High speed processor
  • Keypad touch screen
  • USB connection to connect with the computer



  • Three unlocking option
  • Simple installation process
  • Anti-braking system which protect from any uncertainty
  • Best quality product
  • Faster for high speed processor
  • Up to 100 user allow
  • Solid and reliable door lock



It is not waterproof, best for Interior doors


Product Specifications:


Mortise Lock: Backset                                                  : 60/70mm Single latch bolt

Applicated Door Thickness                                          : 30~45mm

Battery                                                                            : (4 AA Alkaline of 1.5V, not include) 5,000~6,000 times

Rated Voltage                                                                 : DC 6V

Operating Temperature                                               : 15 centigrades~55 centigrade

Type of Fingerprint Sensor                                          : Optical

Wake Up Time                                                               : 400ms

Fingerprint Input Method                                            : Optical capture

User Capacity                                                                 : 100(FP/PW)

Fake Finger                                                                    : No recognition (Silicon Material)

FAR%/FRR%                                                                 : 0.001/0.01

Capture Speed                                                               : 39cm/s

Front Plate (Outside Plate) (WxHxD)                       : 68x210x29.8mm, Stainless steel forging casting

Back Plate (Inside Plate) (WxHxD)                           : 68x210x29.8mm, Stainless steel forging casting



Can this be used with both fingerprint and keypad (i.e., user must provide both to open the door)?


Yes, it provides both fingerprint and keypad use.


How many user codes can the cb-lelec m400 store?


It supports up to 100 codes (4master/96 user).


Can the unit be used for left and right hand door opening?


Yes, you can used it for both left and right handed doors.


Ardwolf has influenced a great majority of Amazon customer reviewers and rating a 4.1 out of 5 star rating. The door lock is trustworthy with very active buttons and intuitive program. Installation is also simple. It can be a right choice if you can use it in your interior doors.

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